University of Waterloo First Year Blog

I am very lucky and grateful to say that I am one of the First Year Bloggers at the University of Waterloo this year! If you are interested in reading about my experiences and adventures, seeing photos and videos documenting my days, or maybe a bit of both, I would be thrilled if you would check it out below!

I am only one of many incredible first year blogs, though! Here are my fellow bloggers.  Each of them has their own perspective and style, that I have ever so briefly summarized below their link!

  • Jess, a first year honours arts transfer student that offers quirky words of wisdom about learning to love your education and embracing first year experiences. 

  •  Carlee, a Manitoba farm girl moving nearly 2000 km away from home to study as an International Development student.  She offers incredible perspective while documenting her adventure as it unfolds.

  • Rachel, a Computing and Financial Managment student documenting her journey on the road to Waterloo and all that follows.

  • Erica, a first year health studies student excited to run feet first into what is sure to be an amazing year.

  • Kingsong, the Accounting and Financial Management student blogger extraordinaire!

Whether you are a current student at Waterloo, you are considering it for future education,  or you enjoy a good read with great ideas that you can adapt into your own life, we have something for everyone!

If you have a child or a family member at the university, or are simply interested in a parents’ perspective, please check out:

  • A first year student’s mother steps back and watches as her youngest spreads her wings and the next phase of life begins… for both of them. On-going posts throughout the year from a parent’s perspective.

Happy reading!


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